SMT Stencils

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Laser cut SMT stencils guarantee perfect precision. The laser accuracy of the stencil design ensures the highest possible exactness of further SMT production processes.

Our LPKF StencilLaser G 6080, besides of its precision is the fastest and the most productive cutting on the stencil market. A large working area of 600 x 800 mm (23.6” x 31.4”) allows to cut two stencils in one production cycle.

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About us

We are the SMT stencils producer, providing stainless SMT solder paste stencils as well as aluminium frames. Laser-cut stencils ensure the highest quality of further manufacturing processes. We can guarantee cutting accuracy of ± 2μm and pads with smooth edges.

SMT Stencils

Our company has decided to start producing stencils in response to fast-growing demand for PCB automation. We annually produce hundreds solder paste stencils and we are proud of our quality standards and also of our fast delivery time.

Our stainless steel stencils are dedicated to PCB producers, giving them an access to:

  • high quality SMT stencils,

  • fast delivery time,

  • reasonable prices

Moreover our laser-cut precision stencils:

  • allow the production of prototypes

  • eliminate tedious hand soldering of PCB boards

  • reduce PCB assembly time



Technosystem Labs offers stencils on plates of diversified thickness (μm) :100, 120, 130 and 150 (also available thicknesses (μm): 80, 180, 200, 250, 500. Moreover we provide stencils with changeable thickness of the sheet.

Cutting precision at the level of ± 2μm and pads with smooth edges significantly reduce the number of defects. Our templates are cut on the LPKF StencilLaser G 6080. Nowadays it is the most advanced device on the market, having a camera system that positions the laser head according to the thickness of the template. This ensures optimum laser beam concentration.

Gerber files template pass through the individual modification process and adjusting the thickness of the film and the size and shape of the aperture and to PCB design technology assumed assembly.Our maximum cutting area is 600mm x 800mm.


We are proud that we own laser cutting LPF StencilLaser G 6080. Thanks to it we can offer the highest quality laser cut for solder paste stencils made on Datum Alloys stainless steel. Properties of our hi-tech laser device let us to guarantee the highest possible quality of cutting edges.

Advantages of our laser machine:

  • • the most accurate cut of metal stencils sheets and micro-elements

  • • really large working area: 600 x 800 mm, allowing multiple stencils to be produced on one sheet

  • • head positioning system according to the thickness of the stencils to ensure optimum focusing of the laser beam

Lead time

standard 1-2 days. On request we also realize express delivery.

Parameters of the device StencilLaser LPKF G 6080:

  • • Maximum cutting area: 600mm x 800mm

  • • The maximum frame size: 740mm x 1800mm x 40mm

  • • Maximum sheet size without frame: 650mm x 850mm

  • • Thickness: 0,04mm (min) 1mm (max.)

  • • Cutting precision: +/- 2um

  • • Repeatability: +/- 2um


We are offering frames for PCB serigraphy prints:

LPKF ZelFlex Z4P 736 x 736 mm

PKF ZelFlex Z4P 558 x 558 mm

Templates strung mesh

We accept files:

Gerber RS274



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